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Abbey LaCroix, 2023

Size: 28 inches by 22 inches with 2 inch depth panel. 

Materials: Oil on Canvas

Framing: These works are unframed and do not specifically need framing, as they're stretched with very clean edges. 

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All work will be on display until September 2nd and can be picked-up or shipped shortly there after. 


Interested in the intersection of art and esotericism, Abbey LaCroix renders brightly colored symmetric abstractions that recall feminine forms, landscapes, and the balanced patterning of stained glass. Working in sections, LaCroix begins each work with a slightly garish underpainting, then carves each progressive layer through washes of cool colors. The final works provide the viewer with a calming, meditative composition of light, color, and form that seem to hold and transmit energy - the divine feminine. Heavily influenced by the Transcendental painters of the late 1930s, LaCroix creates environments that speak to a better place, but also reference the period and influences of their making. 


Abbey LaCroix (b. 2001) experiments with the abstraction of bodies in settings reminiscent of landscapes and stained glass, to explore the connection between feminine energy, pleasure, and the natural world. Utilizing illusion, bright color harmonies, pattern, and levels of transparency, LaCroix explores the relationship between the body and the immaterial, the natural and the synthetic, and the intersection of sensuality and humor. Abbey lives and works in Chicago.

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