We're both a serious and not-so-serious art gallery designed to create a fun and engaging experience for emerging collectors and art enthusiasts who often find themselves confused by the art world.

By embracing humor as a tool, we aim to elevate the perception of art and, paradoxically, be regarded with greater seriousness. We believe humor and seriousness can coexist in the art world (and beyond), and are committed to setting ourselves apart through innovative, distinctive, and creative strategies that make art universally captivating and accessible to all.

And so far, it’s working.... In under two years, we become one of the most popular galleries in the city and our distinctive approach has garnered recognition from esteemed publications such as The New York Times, The Economist, PBS, and more. 

It's because we're not your typical wine and cheese gallery. Our exhibitions are lively and approachable, featuring spontaneous performances, vibrant music, and art displayed throughout our three-room gallery.

99% of people who walk into our gallery do not buy art and that's totally okay! (We're actually designed for you)...Everyone is welcome here, regardless of financials, occupation or knowledge of the industry.

... and to the 1% who do support us through art purchases, we extend our heartfelt gratitude. Your generosity fuels our mission, enabling us to sustain our programming and contribute to the thriving artistic landscape of Chicago. Each purchase you make is not just an investment in an individual artist—it's a testament to your commitment to fostering a vibrant community of creators, art enthusiasts and the patrons of tomorrow.

Whether you're a seasoned collector, a curious bystander, or simply someone looking to be inspired, we welcome you to join us as we showcase thought-provoking exhibitions in a space infused with lightheartedness and humor.

... Since this question pops up in our inbox frequently, let's clear the air: there's no dress code, and entry is forever free!

Press & Media

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If you're a member of the press and would like to get ahold of us, please email artdesk@veryseriousgallery.com.

Brand Engagements

More than a gallery, our creative brand engagements include clients such as NBA, WNBA, Nike, Topo Chico, The Chicago Cubs, The Chicago Bulls, Jameson, YETI & Starbucks. 

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673 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL 60642

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We opened in July 2022 and sit comfortably in Chicago’s West Town arts district, a 1⁄2 mile between both River North & West Loop. The gallery itself is a three-room space that specializes in highly emerging & mid-career artists, with a combination of solo presentations, over-the-top groupshows & inventory of 500+ works in our backroom. 


Allan Weinberger, an entrepreneur with a background spanning over a decade in marketing at Google, is the founder of A Very Serious Gallery. During his tenure at Google, Allan held various roles within large customer sales & international operations. Notably, he spearheaded Google’s Chicago arts programming, which he still consults on today.

Before his tenure at Google, Allan was a basketball consultant to viagogo USA, where he consulted professional sports teams on navigating dynamic shifts in the ticketing industry and briefly served as a digital marketing manager for LeBron James in Cleveland, Ohio.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Allan is a practicing comedian, which naturally spills into the promotion of the gallery itself. He also nurtures his passion for houseplants, finding solace and joy in cultivating greenery within his living space and strongly dislikes cars. 

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