The Penny Pinch Dutch Auction

A Very Serious Gallery is thrilled to announce the return of the Penny Pinch Dutch Auction, with Chicago-based street artist Penny Pinch.

Public Gallery Viewings starts on Wednesday, December 13

Celebration & Opening Bell: Friday, December 15 from 5pm-10pm... Prices start to drop at 5pm and continue until everything is sold. 

About The Auction: 

The exhibition will utilize a Dutch Auction format, commonly used for perishable goods, such as flowers, fish & produce…. almost never with art.

These paintings will be available for sale at the highest asking price first, followed by consecutive price drops until every work in the exhibition is sold. There is no minimum.  

In an industry rooted in price increases and scarcity, we aim to invert these standards to promote access & intrigue for new collectors and our community. Last year, this unique approach to selling art peaked the interest of thousands of people & was featured within The Economist magazine

Online Webinar: 

On Wednesday, December 13 at 7:30pm CST, there will be an online webinar on Art & Economics Webinar with Stanford University Economist Mark Tendall & Penny Pinch. 

Total Inventory

The exhibition will include:

  • 56 paintings, all sized at 20 x 24 inches & ornately framed, presented salon style in our grand gallery space
  • Three 7 x 12 foot monumental paintings on panel, in our middle room. These are the largest works Penny Pinch has ever made. 
  • Unique objects, such as a journal of drawings, and a park bench, in the back gallery space. 
  • Affordable originals & oversized pins at a fixed price 

Installed across all the three gallery spaces, the works will be available for sale for the full retail price beginning on Wednesday, December 12. On Friday, December 15 at 5PM the prices will drop hourly until each work is sold. 

More details will be released shortly. 

About The Artist: 

Working since 2012, Penny Pinch has built a practice on utilizing only free, found, or repurposed materials to create murals, paintings, and wheatpastes throughout the city of Chicago and nationally.

His work is recognizable by bright bold colors, graphic line work, and his signature Penny Pinch character, dressed in a buffalo suit. For this exhibition, Penny Pinch will debut a new body of work that focuses on scenes and experiences of everyday life.  

He's a full time street artist who just simply wants to see how far this artistic philosophy can take him... and thus far, it's taken him to major projects with Google, throwing the first pitch for The Chicago Cubs and creating an Earth Day collaboration with The Chicago Bulls. 


Press & Other Inquiries 

Press & patron inquiries, please email Allan Weinberger, the gallery director & founder, at

For all other inquiries, please email


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