Pleasure Seeking Behavior: Exploring the Unseen

Adam Holzrichter
March 8-March 30, 2024

Join us in a world where the tangible meets the ethereal, where the strokes of watercolors, oil paints, and chalk pastels breathe life into realms unseen. We invite you to embark on an enchanting journey through the extraordinary visions of Adam Holzrichter in his exhibition, "Pleasure Seeking Behavior."

Drawing inspiration from the depths of his imagination and the whispers of unseen spirits, Holzrichter unveils a collection that pass the boundaries of reality. Each work, meticulously crafted from life, holds within it an essence that transcends the mere subject matter, revealing the presence of unseen entities that exist alongside the reality.

While traditionally known for his depictions of the natural world, this collection takes a daring leap into the realms of fantasy and spirit.

In a harmonious blend of real-life observation and digitally conjured landscapes, Holzrichter invites viewers to explore the interplay between the known and the unseen, the tangible and the ephemeral. Each piece serves as a portal into a world where reality intertwines with imagination, where the mundane is transformed into the extraordinary.

Moreover, "Pleasure Seeking Behavior" is more than just an exhibition; it is a celebration of triumph over adversity. This body of work marks Holzrichter's first since his victorious battle with cancer in 2023, a testament to his own spirit, which can be seen throughout each of these works.


As the first artist ever to collaborate with VSG's founder, Holzrichter's influence has been profound, shaping not only the trajectory of Allan Weinberger's career but also the very essence of the gallery itself. 

Join us for a celebration of life, art, and the indomitable spirit of Adam Holzrichter on Friday, March 8th from 6pm-10pm. 


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