Landscape of Moments

Familiar & Intimate Interiors by Maria Laureno
Exhibition Dates: March 8- 30, 2024

A Very Serious Gallery is thrilled to present Maria Laureno’s debut solo exhibition, "Landscape of Moments". 

We invite you to dive into her intimate, yet familiar, interior settings rendered with delicate precision in watercolors—a medium known for its unforgiving nature. Each stroke, each color blend, tells a story of its own, bearing the unique imprint of human imperfection in an era of digital perfection.

Under Laureno's skillful touch, watercolor becomes a medium for authenticity, where mistakes are embraced as inherent elements of beauty rather than flaws to be concealed. 


Behind the facade of beauty lies a nuanced portrayal of the messiness inherent in the female experience. 

Through layers of translucent hues, she unveils the multifaceted nature of femininity, inviting viewers to peer beyond the surface and confront the raw, unfiltered truth of existence. Through these mementos & memories, Laureno offers a glimpse into the complexities, simplicities and chaos that is found within traveling & domestic life. 

These scenes are not merely static compositions but windows into the collective human experience—a mental junk drawer of sorts, where fragments of memory and emotion converge in a symphony of color and form.


They resonate with a universal familiarity, inviting viewers to recognize themselves within the tangled web of everyday life.

Each work is crafted with only watercolor & a uniform micro pen outline, enhancing the vibrancy of the palette and lending a sense of dynamism to the compositions. Objects come alive, popping from the page with an irresistible allure, inviting viewers to see their own environment through the eye of Laureno’s.  

As Maria Laureno's inaugural solo exhibition, "Landscape of Moments" signals the emergence of a rising star in the Chicago contemporary art scene. 

Please join us on Friday, March 8th for a celebration between 6pm-10pm. Landscape of Moments will open in our middle gallery room and will be on display through March 30th, 2024. 

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