Crochet Your Dreams

Non-Retail Installation 
Jade Carrico and Preeti Samraj
February 9-March 2, 2024
Step into a crocheted dreamland with fiber artists Jade Carrico and Preeti Samraj as they unveil an imaginative and immersive installation. Within this ultra-soft fantasy world, vignettes of a home come to life, each corner revealing playful surprises and vibrant scenes.
 At the heart of the installation lies a candlelit dining table, set for a lively dinner party, where food and drinks spill over in a colorful display of abundance. The installation
comes to life when a delicate wine glass is accidentally knocked over, leaving spilled
wine on the floor. Meanwhile, a curious mouse scurries to find remnants of food
beneath the table.

Vivid patterns captivate the gaze, while textural objects provide a sensory experience.
This wonderland, meticulously hand-crafted from yarn, invites curious viewers to
explore, touch, and interact with its charming elements.


Note: This show is intended as a non-retail installation and we encourage the public to touch everything. For the most part, it is family friendly, although there are a few adult oriented items, such as cigarettes, cigars, beer & wine. 

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