Mike Ando

Mike Ando



    Mike Anderson, aka Mike Ando,(b. 1988) is a Chicago based professional photographer. Rarely staged or posed, Ando’s immersive and simplistic styling captures the moment as it’s happening.

    Shooting with Sony A7iv & Sony a7riii, Ando’s signature haze casts a vintage look over modern moments, with a first person narrative.

    Resident View Exhibition: 

    Date: September 2022

    A Very Serious Gallery is proud to present Resident View, an exhibition of photographs by Chicago-based artist Mike Ando. His first detailed professional exhibition, Ando captures the moments of the city.

    More than a skyline, pizza & baseball stadiums, these selections of photographs are intended to show Chicago from the eyes of a resident rather than a tourist.

    Quite simply, these are just beautiful images of the greatest city in the world.