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“The difference between art and a commodity is really the soul put into it, the message behind it, and the thought behind it. Great art can be universally recognized, and a great product. A good piece of design is a piece of art. With upcycling things, there’s a certain soul behind it. The material’s already lived a life of its own.” 
-Justin Mensinger, The Manual, 2022




A Very Serious Gallery is proud to present Reflections by Los Angeles-based artist and fashion designer Justin Mensinger. Including over 20 new original textile artworks, a site specific installation, and a selection of recent clothing designs, this presentation marks Mensinger's first major exhibition of his artwork. 

Returning to his hometown of Chicago, Mensinger examines his past influences, present interests, and future ambitions through the intersection of poetry, painting, and textile-based works. He creates mixed compositions of found fabric, sewn together and presented on stretcher bars, that are evocative of, yet stand apart from his clothing designs. Sourcing materials from thrift stores, vintage wholesale companies, and the scraps from manufacturers, a commitment to sustainability and upcycling remains at the core of Mensinger’s practice. Every inch of material that he uses is given a second (or third) life through his work.

In this exhibition, Mensinger combines large and small scale works, which contain screen printed and embroidered poetry on the surfaces. Reading, “Searching for balance in a world full of chaos” or “The higher the highs, the lower the lows”, these lyrical quotes aim to provide space for discussion of shared experiences. Mensinger has always been candid about his emotions, life experiences, and mental health, often using language on his clothing and his artwork. These quotes provide the viewer with a validating space for reflection and reassurance, as if to say we are not alone. 

He is drawn to the versatility of denim, greens, blacks, and grays creating an impactful but neutral color palette in most of his work.

In "Life Death & Rebirth", however, a large-scale installation, Mensinger creates a wall of paintings that progress from the lightest to the darkest color using hues of orange, pink, red, blue, purple to black. Within this gradient progression, he embroidered additional quotes, again providing the viewer with a visual and reflective experience.  



Justin Mensinger (b.1997) is an artist and fashion designer who was born and raised in the Midwest. Heavily influenced by his interest in skateboarding, music, and fashion, Mensinger began his career at RVSP Gallery in Chicago, which ignited his dream of creating his own brand.

Mensinger is known for a focus on sustainability and upcycling that pushes the boundaries of art, fashion, and environmental consciousness, taking a hands-on approach that focuses on craftsmanship and quality.

Throughout his career, Mensinger has collaborated with international brands and fashion designers including Complex, Highsnobiety, Jack Daniels, Reebok, Re(boot) Futbol & Intermaimi, and Stockx, among many others. He competed on and was the winner of HBO Max’s The HYPE in 2021.

Mensinger lives and works in Los Angeles, CA. 


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