Ekaterina Popova: Room for You

Room For You
Intimate Interiors by Ekaterina Popova
June 7-July 6, 2024

Ekaterina Popova will debut her latest collection, "Room For You,"  recent interior paintings, capturing themes of coziness, home, rest, and self-care as she explores the essence of spaces that offer comfort and solace.

From serene bedrooms to cozy kitchens and inviting corners, Popova's paintings reveal the stories and secrets of these domestic scenes.


Born in Russia, Popova is globally recognized for her contemporary oil paintings of interiors and landscapes. She earned her Bachelor's in Fine Art from Kutztown University in 2011 and has since exhibited her work internationally. Influenced by post-impressionism, fauvism, and magical realism, Popova's art delves into mood, emotion, and themes of home and belonging.

Popova's work has been featured in galleries worldwide, including Cohle Gallery in Paris, The Painting Center in New York, and Paradigm Gallery in Philadelphia.

She's recently been featured within Colossal, Flow Magazine, Beautiful Bizarre, and American Art Collector. She is also the founder of Create! Magazine, Art Queens, and the host of the Art & Cocktails podcast. Additionally, she co-authored two books, The Complete Smartist Guide and The Creative Business Handbook.

Recent Press: Ekaterina Popova's Impressionistic Oil Paintings Captures the Cozy Comforts of Home [Colossal: June 7, 2024]

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