Come Kiss at a Very Serious Gallery

Featuring work by: 20+ Artists

On Display: -

A Very Serious Gallery is proud to present "Come Kiss... at A Very Serious Gallery", a summer romance themed group show with 20+ artists from around the nation. 

For the love of summer romance, our team of love doctors have built a kissing booth & kiss counter within the gallery itself and are encouraging patrons to literally "Come Kiss at A Very Serious Gallery" on our quest to have 1,000 kisses during the show. 


Featured Artists: 

  • Addeline Griswold
  • AJ Ainscough
  • Blake Jones
  • Cassidy Early
  • Cristi López
  • David Ellis Ewrks
  • Drew Christman
  • Griffin Goodman
  • Josiah Ellner
  • Justin Mensinger
  • Kaylie Kaitschuck
  • Laura Catherwood
  • Lefty Out There
  • Lindsey Kircher
  • Liz Flores
  • Oscar Joyo
  • Sasha December
  • Shalen Stephenson
  • Taylor Ana Valdez
  • Terry Urban
  • Tyler Bernard Anthony
  • Valeria Terrazas
  • Violet Luczak
  • Vivian Le


Preview of Work: 

Terry Urban, "I Fell In Love With A Ghost" 48x36 inches

Addeline Griswold, "You Haunt Me" 48x36 inches


Sasha December, "I will always share this part of me with you", 30x40 inches


Collector Information: Patrons interested in this work pre-show are welcome to email in the form below. Please include which artists you're interested in seeing. 


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