#11 "Bookshelf & Picture" - Penny Pinch Dutch Auction

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  • Dutch Auction Pricing

  • Shipping to the United States and Local Pickup in Chicago

Penny Pinch

Materials: Acrylic on Repurposed Canvas

Size: 47.5 inches by 35.5 inches

Condition Note: Penny Pinch uses only found & repurposed materials. All art works are in generally good or great condition, although it's not uncommon that some works have imperfections. This is part of the art. We recommend that you view the works in-person or email us with specific questions.

Shipping: Free shipping over $2,000. For under $2,000, USA Shipping will cost $125. 

Pick-Up: Free pick-up at our gallery. You can pick this product up as early as Sunday, December 18th. 

Pricing: This item is in the Penny Pinch Dutch Auction, as featured in The Economist. Pricing will start at $3,000 and drop by $100 per hour until sold. 

This work can be purchased at any time, even when the auction is paused. There is only 1 item, so once it's sold, it's sold. 

Price Dropping Schedule: Prices will drop $100 per hour as scheduled. 

Friday: 5pm-10pm, $2,900 to $2,400

Saturday: 9am-6pm, $2,300 to $1,400

Sunday: 9am-10pm, $1,300 to $1

Shipping via FedEx to anywhere in the United States.

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Dutch Auction

A guarenteed way to sell out

Prices will start to drop by $100 per hour on Friday at 5pm.... patrons can purchase whenever they feel comfortable...

Each piece is unique, so once sold, it's gone. If you like it, act fast!


Gallery is open from 12pm-10pm

Celebration & Opening Bell at 5pm at VSG, please join us at 673 N Milwaukee Ave

Starting at 5pm CST, the prices will start to drop, moving from $2,900 to $2,300. Patrons are welcome to purchase at anytime, even overnight.

There are 20 fixed priced, framed works that are available in-store only.


Gallery is open from 12-6pm

If any fixed priced items are still available, they will be able to be purchased online.

Prices will drop hourly by $100 from $2,400 to $1,500... Patrons can purchase at anytime they feel comfortable.


Gallery is open from 12-6pm

This is the final day... prices will continue to drop until 10pm, when theoretically, the works will move from $100 to $1

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